Dr. Masoud Esmaeili

Specialist in plastic and cosmetic surgery MD, PhD

LOCATION: Iran Surgery Center, Tehran, Iran
TOP PROCEDURES: : Nose jobFace liftNeck lift (and all types of facial Rejuvenation or deformities), Body Contouring, Breast Lift, Beast Augmentation, Breast Reduction, BBL, Tummy Tuck, Body Lift, male breast reduction, Arm lift, Mommy Makeover(View Before After’s)
YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: 27 years of experience
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Iran Surgery Center as a Professional Medical Center, Plastic surgery and all kinds of Surgeries in Iran will help you to have a very nice feeling about your surgery and treatment in Iran. We will be with you in all steps like an old friend.

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About Dr. Masoud Esmaeili

Dr. Masoud Esmaili is one of the most experienced doctors in Iran’s surgery center. He has completed the general and specialty medical courses and the subspecialty and fellowship courses at Tehran University of Medical Sciences, which is one of the most prestigious universities in Iran. Dr. Esmaili has performed more than 10,000 successful surgeries in the fields of facial and body surgeries.

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Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Associate Clinical Professor of Surgery at the Tehran Medical University


Iranian Board of Plastic Surgery


Graduate University: Tehran Medical University
Residency: Tehran Medical University
Fellowship in Craniofacial Surgery


Iranian Society of Plastic Surgeons

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