Breast Reduction Surgery in Iran

Operation: 1 – 2 Hours


Healing:1 – 2 months

Clinic Stay: 1 Day

Total Stay: 7 Day

Back to Work: 7 Days

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Dr.Hadi Amali

Specialist in Plastic Surgery

Price: Starting From 4500 $
Iran surgery center Team

Dr.Hamid Reza Fathi

Specialist in Plastic Surgery

Price: Starting From 3000 $
Iran surgery center Team

Dr Masoud Esmaeili

Specialist in Plastic Surgery

Price: Starting From 2500$

Dr. Mohamad Mehrbani

Specialist in Plastic Surgery

Price: Starting From 2300$

Dr Froozan Galkhani

Specialist in General Surgery

Price: Starting From 2000$

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Before/After Photo of Breast Reduction surgery in Iran

 Take a look at ‘before and after’ photos of people who got their Breast Reduction surgery done in Iran.

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Your Detailed Schedule for Breast Reduction Surgery in Iran

>> Day 1: The representative of Iran Surgery Center is waiting for you at the airport. And transfers you to the hotel. You will meet the doctor on the same day and then perform your tests (Blood test, breast ultrasound, mammography of the breast if needed*) with our representative.

>> Day 2: Our representative at the hotel is waiting for you to go to the surgery center or hospital together. All arrangements are made by us for surgery. The surgery will be done and you will return to the hotel the same day**. Instructions after surgery will be communicated to you in writing and orally.

>> Day 3:  The doctor’s assistant and translator will start 24 hours a day. A private nurse will be available if needed. Daily light walking and taking postoperative medications begin.

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About our hotels and services

During your stay and Breast Reduction procedure in Iran, you will not have any worries about accommodation, food , transportation, translator and anything else. Depending on your taste and needs, VIP or economic services and hotels will be provided for you. You can personalize your trip and surgery in any way you want. Further details will be announced during the application process.

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plastic surgery in iran surgery center
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Our Patients Have Something To Tell You

See why people choose us as their facilitator to get their plastic surgery done in Iran.

Zabi From Finland to Iran to have a forehead lift, and a nose job surgery

 from USA to  Iran for Breast Implants.

From UK to Iran for Liposuction and Double chin Surgery

breast reduction cost iran

From Dubai to Tehran in order to perform a revision nose job in Iran

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Is Iran the right choice for my Breast Reduction surgery?

Iran is a vast country with advanced medical facilities and equipment. Skilled and experienced Iranian doctors with experience in thousands of advanced cosmetic and therapeutic surgeries are ready to serve you. Iranian girls are interested in various cosmetic surgeries and this has made Iranian doctors very experienced in this field. In addition to using advanced medical facilities, you can enjoy the sights of this ancient country before and after the operation.

Iran ranks 20th in the number of plastic surgeries in the world and ranks first in nose surgery in the world.
Iran has the largest number of plastic surgeons in the Middle East region. And among the countries in the region, Iran has the second highest number of plastic and cosmetic surgeries.

Why choose Iran Surgery Center?

  • At Iran Surgery Center, we choose Iranian top doctors and hospitals, to provide world-class medical services.
  • If you want to breastfeed in the future, your mammary glands will be preserved.
  • when you wake up in the recovery room, you will see a specialist and kind nurse taking care of you and will calmly fulfills all your needs.
  • At the Iran Surgery Center, we guarantee the result of breast reduction surgery, and in case of any rare problem, the reconstructive surgery will be free of charge.
plastic surgery in iran surgery center
plastic surgery in iran surgery center

How will my Breast Reduction surgery go at Iran Surgery Center?

The Breast Reduction surgery procedure in Iran Surgery Center is very simple. In the first step, you contact us through one of the online communication methods (WhatsApp, Instagram, email, Facebook, etc.). We will do the rest for you. Our experts will review your basic information and requirements. They may ask you for a photo to choose the right surgeon or to announce the price more accurately, or they may ask for your medical records. In the following, we take all the necessary measures for a quiet and comfortable surgery. Scheduling of medical tests and imaging, doctor’s appointment, surgery, site seeing, etc. will done.

Why Famous Stars Like Pixee Fox and Rodrigo Alves chosen Iran for Plastic Surgery?

Affordable costs is one of the main reasons people choose Iran to get plastic surgery done. The low price of plastic surgery in Iran in addition to high quality and safety. Iran has the first rate of nose job surgery in the world and Iranian doctors are perfectly skilled in the plastic surgery field.
As well as Iran’s kind and hospitable people and other attractions like nature and historical places, are other reasons.

Why Breast Reduction surgery?

Breast reduction in addition to appearance problems and limitations of movement and choice of clothing, is an inevitable procedure to relieve shoulder, back and neck pain. If this surgery is not performed at the right time, it will cause more serious problems in the spine as well as skin problems under the breast crease.  At Iran Surgery Center, in cooperation with first-class Iranian surgeons, we help you to solve all the above problems by breast reduction and breast lift at the same time.



Yes, breastfeeding is possible after breast reduction surgery. It is only necessary to inform your doctor about the possibility of breastfeeding your baby in the future before surgery.

As American Society Of Plastic Surgeons mentions It is recommended that you postpone your surgery If you are going to get pregnant,  although there are certain surgical techniques that help you preserve your ability to breastfeed. However, breastfeeding may affect the shape of the breast to some extent, causing the breast to sag and lose the shape created after breast reduction surgery.

It is recommended that you postpone breast reduction until the weight is fixed, as severe weight loss or increase will affect the results of breast reduction. Also, after losing weight and stabilizing weight, your doctor can decide how much of your breasts need shrinking.

The surgery is a pain-free one as you’ll be put to sleep during the operation. But you will start to feel pain and discomfort as the numbing effect of anesthesia goes away. The pain may last for a few days and you can use medications in case of severe pain.

As the scars are located in the lower part of your breasts, they are not visible when you are not naked. They start to fade away as the time passes so that after 1 or 2 years no one will notice you had surgery.

To get your breast reduction done in Iran, you just need to contact us by completing the above form or text us through the below chat box. Our patient coordinators are 24/7 available to provide you with all the information you may need prior to your trip to Iran.

Once we receive your information and medical history, we’ll arrange your treatment with one of our trusted plastic surgeons. We’ll get your visa, get your ticket, and book your hotel and doctor’s appointment. As soon as you arrive at the airport, we will pick you up, take you to the doctor and hospital, and stay right by your side until the time you leave the country.

if you work with computer or pen, Up to 10 days after breast reduction surgery, you can return to work as long as you do not lift heavy equipment, and do not exercise and do strenuous activity. 2 months after breast reduction surgery, you can exercise and do any activity you like.

You should wear a surgical bra for about 2 months after surgery. If you feel comfortable, you can use the special bra for up to 6 months.
To maintain the new shape of the breast and get the best results from breast reduction surgery, wearing this bra is strongly recommended.

As we mentioned the side effects of breast reduction surgery in the text, we see that we face possible side effects in all surgeries.
But the important thing is that by choosing a reputable doctor and surgical center, the possibility of these risks can be reduced to zero.
But if you bear big breasts, you will definitely damage your spine and body. Considering possible complications and problems of not performing breast reduction surgery, it can be easily concluded that breast reduction is safe.

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