Hair Transplant in Iran

Operation: 4 – 8 Hours


Healing:3 – 9 months

Clinic Stay: NO Need

Total Stay: 3 Day

Back to Work: 7 Days

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Iran surgery center Team

Dr. Hamin Zadeh


Price: Starting From 1000 $
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Dr.Sumay Nia


Price: Starting From 900$

Dr. Roccana Far


Price: Starting From 800$

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Your Detailed Schedule After Arrival in Iran

Your detailed schedule after arrival in Iran

>> Day 1: Arrival at airport: you will be welcomed by our guide, then picked up and transferred to hotel*. Checking into hotel; Transfer from hotel to clinic; Visiting the doctor; Pre-op tests; Transfer from clinic to hotel

>> Day 2: Transfer from hotel to hospital; preparations for surgery; conversation between doctor & patient, reviewing the expectations; Performing of surgery; Post-op recovery at hospital; taking doctor’s instructions; Hospitalization

>> Day 3: Taking doctor’s instruction; Transfer from hospital to hotel; Rest in hotel; taking post-op medications; following instructed diet; follow-up through doctor’s assistant.

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See why people choose us as their facilitator to get their plastic surgery done in Iran.

Zabi From Finland to Iran to have a forehead lift, and a nose job surgery

 from USA to  Iran for Breast Implants.

From UK to Iran for Liposuction and Double chin Surgery

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From Dubai to Tehran in order to perform a revision nose job in Iran

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Is Iran the right choice for my Hair Transplantation surgery?

Iran is a vast country with advanced medical facilities and equipment. Skilled and experienced Iranian doctors with experience in thousands of advanced cosmetic and therapeutic surgeries are ready to serve you. Iranian girls and boy’s are interested in various body and facial surgeries and this has made Iranian doctors very experienced in this field. In addition to using advanced medical facilities, you can enjoy the sights of this ancient country before and after the operation.

Why choose Iran Surgery Center?

At Iran Surgery Center, in cooperation with top Iranian doctors, we provide world-class medical and beauty services. Providing visas, tickets, transportation within the city, reception and escort to the airport, accompanying you in all stages of treatment, surgery, performing tests and imaging before and after surgery are among the services of Iran Surgical Center.

plastic surgery in iran surgery center
plastic surgery in iran surgery center

How will my surgery go at Iran Surgery Center?

The surgical procedure in Iran Surgical Center is very simple. In the first step, you contact us through one of the online communication methods (WhatsApp, Instagram, email, Facebook, etc.). We will do the rest for you. Our experts will review your basic information and requirements. They may ask you for a photo of the area you want to do to choose the right surgeon or to announce the price more accurately, or they may ask for your medical records for medical surgeries. In the following, we take all the necessary measures for a quiet and comfortable surgery.

Why choose Iran for cosmetic surgery?

cosmetic surgery is very popular in Iran and Iranian girls are very interested in various types of cosmetic surgery and cosmetic services . Iran is known as the ‘nose job capital of the world’ because of the high rate of the procedure. With highly-trained facial and body surgeons and very affordable costs, Iran is a hot destination for all cosmetic surgery candidates from all around the world.

plastic surgery cost in iran


Before the hair transplant begins, the anesthetic is injected into the skin and the skin is completely anesthetized, so that the person does not notice any of the surgical procedures and does not feel any pain. After surgery, taking painkillers prescribed by your doctor can control possible pain.

People who do not have sufficient and acceptable hair density in the donated area. Or people who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy drugs. And for people who develop colloidal scars after head injuries or surgery, hair transplants are not recommended and non-surgical treatments are recommended.

Almost all hair transplant methods can be used for women; But because women’s hair is thinner, the hair transplant process is a bit more complicated for them. First of all, it is necessary for the doctor to examine the client and, by examining the pattern of hair loss and the quality of the hair bank, determine whether the person is a suitable option for implantation or not.

Hair washing should be avoided for up to three days after surgery, as the grafts are very sensitive and likely to separate. After three days, you can use special shampoos and wash your hair with lukewarm water so that the water pressure is not too high and the nails do not come in contact with the grafts. You should not use a hair dryer after bathing at all, because the heat will damage the grafts and the surgical results will be lost. It is recommended to use a toilet paper that is thick and has a high absorption power to dry the hair.

Since people need to get enough rest after a hair transplant, it is important to pay attention to sleep and rest. There are a few things to keep in mind when sleeping. Including:

  • Sleeping on the surgical site should be avoided separately, it is better to lie in an open position.
  • When sleeping, place two pillows under your head. The head should be kept as high as possible, this will also reduce the amount of swelling and inflammation.
  • Bed linen and pillows should be clean to minimize the possibility of infection.

It takes about a week to ten days for the grafts to become fixed in the donation area. During this period, no pressure or damage should be applied to the follicles. Therefore, it is recommended not to use a hat as much as possible.

To get your hair transplant done in Iran, you just need to contact us by completing the above form or text us through the below chat box. Our patient coordinators are 24/7 available to provide you with all the information you may need prior to your trip to Iran.

Once we receive your information and medical history, we’ll arrange your treatment with one of our trusted plastic surgeons. We’ll get your visa, get your ticket, and book your hotel and doctor’s appointment. As soon as you arrive at the airport, we will pick you up, take you to the doctor and hospital, and stay right by your side until the time you leave the country.

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